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Canon printers are one of the most prominent and widely used printers for official as well as for the home printing needs. Canon ‘printer’s offer user a best and cost-efficient printing experience. Sometimes users experience the specific technical issues as no electronic device is immune from the technical glitches. While using the Canon printers, users may face sort of the technical problems while printing, and one of them is canon printer is not printing from the expected paper tray. ‘Don’t worry if you are also affected by these kinds of issues reach us at Canon Printer Tech Support and call us on our toll-free Canon Printer Tech Support Number and get the best tech support help from the experts at pocket-friendly rates.

Sometimes printing experience might be interrupted when the Canon printer is not able to print or choose the wrong paper tray. In that case, the user needs to look into both printers as well on the printing desktop. It can be disconcerting sometimes because of the urgent printing requirements and getting the relevant Canon Printer Tech Support is a must.

These issues mainly arise because of the wrong paper tray selections. Every printer has more than one tray. The various tray options are available for the printer. In most printers, at least two paper trays are available tray 1 and tray 2. Tray 1 prints a copy then tray two prints a copy and after that printer automatically sets the settings manually to the original values. But sometimes the printer starts printing from another tray. In that case, ‘don’t waste your precious time and call us on our Canon Printer Tech Support Number which is available for the technical support 24*7.

Eliminate Canon Printer Errors With Canon Printer Tech Support Number!

These issues mainly arise due to the wrong driver settings, and documents paper size not matched with the inserted paper size. However, there may be more various reasons for the issues which can be resolved by our technical experts over a call our Canon Printer Tech Support experts know how to offer the adequate troubleshooting help. They offer step to step troubleshooting help within the best possible ways — this needs to resolve in both devices –printer and desktop.

Our expert troubleshooting associates help you in setting up the wrong paper tray. They ensure that you get the relevant solutions by making sure that the mentioned paper size in the control panel matched with the paper trays settings. Canon Printer Tech Support’s help regarding this issue mainly depends on the printer model. ‘Don’t try to resolve these kinds of problems on your own if you ‘don’t have the proper knowledge and clear idea of the causes call on Canon Printer Tech Support Number and get the adequate solutions to eliminate printing tray issues.

Reasons Why Canon Printer Is Not Printing From the Expected Paper Tray?

There are specific reasons associated when canon printer is not able to print from the expected paper tray, and some of the common issues are:

  • If a user using a multi-tray laser printer and the configurations are not the same. If the tray one configured with A4 size paper and tray 2 with the letter-size paper this leads to the improper printing issues.
  • Paper tray selection setting source set to select an option automatically.
  • A4 letter or letter paper resizing checkbox is allowed on the international tab.

Need Tech Support? Get In Touch With Expert Canon Printer Tech Support Helpdesk!

If your printing experience is affected by the different technical issues and you are looking for the quick and relevant solutions with your Canon printer. Connect with the Canon Printer Tech Support helpdesk associates, and they help out with the critical problems with ease. You can get help from an expert by visiting our website or by ringing us at our Canon Printer Tech Support Number.

Canon Printer Tech Support certified engineers have impressive experience, and they are certified and offer the average response time with the cost-friendly services. They have the gain trust of many canon printer users in past years with their customer-oriented troubleshooting services. So ‘don’t think twice and contact our experts with the help of our toll-free Canon Printer Tech Support Number.

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